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We Don’t Take Everyone

Not everyone that applies will get accepted. There are three crucial factors we look at to determine if we are a good fit. First: do you have a quality product/service that you stand behind? Second: is it a good fit for LinkedIn outreach? Third: can you handle the leads we generate for you?

Our Results Guarantee

Here is how confident we are that we can help you. On average, our clients are getting 20+ sales appointments a month. At a minimum you are guaranteed to receive 5-10 a month. 100% money back guarantee.

Short-Term Results
Long-Term Success

You will start getting those sales calls rather quick. Here’s the thing… we are constantly testing and optimizing your outreach. So on top of getting quick results, your outreach gets more and more potent over time. Better client quality and higher volume. Win-Win!

Urgent Deal

Just so you know, we do take on a limited amount of new customers every month.

You can sign up later but you may have to put on a waiting list.

Our priority is our current clients and we make it a point to never overextend ourselves.

TEV Linkedin™ Lead Management

$997/m (Normally $1,400)

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